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We are often asked to
describe our PR agency in terms of culture.
So — Who is LCWA?

Our Vision

Our vision is a singular focus on providing superior client service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients a refreshing agency experience based on trust, flexibility and delivery of meaningful results, on time and on budget.

Our Culture


We believe in substance over flash and providing honest counsel — even when the truth hurts.


Our attention to efficiency ensures we get the absolute most for our clients’ dollars.


We know that what we can accomplish together is far more than what we can do alone. As a team, we bask in one another’s success — and never more so than when we “ring the bell” that hangs near the conference room to herald a new account or other momentous achievement.


Enjoying where you work and what you do only leads to more success, which is why the agency “Fun Committee” makes sure we take time out to enjoy ourselves with surprise Dairy Queen runs or the highly competitive “Dancing with the Stars” pick-em contest.


We bring an unparalleled commitment on the individual level. And our teams are truly immersed in their clients — becoming experts on their industries, business challenges and inner-workings.


Our experienced team brings energy and ideas to every project large or small, tackling each task with vigor and responsiveness.

Our Values Promise


Demonstrate EXCELLENCE in everything we do, down to the smallest detail.

Use CREATIVITY in identifying the right solutions to everyday problems.

Bring PASSION to every project, going above and beyond to get the best possible results.

Show RESPECT in our words and actions, as well as in how we use your time and resources.

Conduct our business with INTEGRITY, honesty and transparency.

Take ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure that our activities have a role in your success and ensure we meet and exceed all program goals.