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Download the “enough alre@dy! Stop bad email” white paper today to review our top three findings, assess the most detrimental effects of afterhours email and assess our employee-approved solution.


Workplace email study shows costs of excess email.

“Email overload” is driving some organizations to ban email after hours — and even during work time. As internal communication and research experts, we wanted to know: is email indispensible, irritating or detrimental to today’s business communications?

In a comprehensive, quantitative study, the LCWA Research Team surveyed employees at various organizational levels — from the C-suite to the cubicle — to investigate perceptions and costs of work-related emails. The results can be found in our pioneering white paper "e-nough alre@dy! Stop bad email", an update on work-related email reversing the notion to ‘ban’ email, created in conjunction with our colleagues at The Grossman Group.

Find out how excess email affects your organization and discover who is most affected by bad email, learn employee-endorsed email solutions and find out what bad email costs your company in productivity and dollars.

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