Smart and strategic communication is at the core of all our services.

Our clients trust us to be a public relations agency that offers results-driven programs customized according to individual goals and budgets — all of which include the crucial elements of strategy development, research, goal-setting, tactical execution and measurement. We realize that no two clients have identical expectations or needs, and our team of passionate professionals works to create a “made to order” mix of program elements that meets each client’s specific definition of success.


Big or small — a company’s brand is its most valuable asset.

Our consumer public relations practice develops brand building programs for leading international companies to ensure they remain number one in the minds of both media and consumers. We also grow smaller brands into household names through grassroots programs and awareness building. Our track record of award-winning campaigns proves we know how to harness the power of a brand to meet each client’s objectives.


Hailed by media as “the best in the biz,” LCWA takes pride in its media relations skills and track record.

We know how to develop newsworthy stories and attention-grabbing visual content, as well as memorable press conferences and media events that cut through the clutter and generate coverage. Our award-winning initiatives have resulted in valuable exposure for clients in every medium from the top national morning shows to widely-followed blogs.


Social media is no longer a tactic, but an integrated part of almost every public relations and communications plan. It’s essential to consider the wide array of social channels as vehicles to reach a desired audience.

We offer expertise in social architecture designed to make an impact on business goals and objectives. We build customized campaigns utilizing appropriate owned, earned and paid channels to spur audiences and influencers into action. From building buzz via online activations to leveraging available channels to inspire, reinforce messages and establish brand leadership, we approach the social landscape with a critical eye toward business impact. Of course, in social media, listening is just as important as talking. We also help manage online reputations by monitoring, measuring and minimizing negative chatter to keep conversations focused on the positive.


LCWA’s corporate communications specialists have extensive experience in all facets of business communications.

Our team of financial and media experts is fluent in the language of business and knows how to work with executives to increase shareholder value, engage employees, deepen customer loyalty and align government and public interests. We are experts in executive positioning, reputation management, litigation support and crisis communications.


In today’s corporate environment, you are the company you keep. Internal audiences — employees, dealers, shareholders, partners and suppliers — can be a company’s best ambassadors, or its worst enemies. Effective communications is key to protecting and strengthening relationships with these valued audiences.

LCWA has developed internal communications programs for organizations of all sizes and services. Our programs have included award-winning newsletters, videos, town hall meetings, employee events, leadership training, annual reports and more.


Crisis communications requires speed, sensitivity and strategy. LCWA has successfully guided clients — from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations — through some of their worst-case scenarios, including:

Product recalls/failures; Litigation/class action; Chapter 11 bankruptcies; Government regulations; Restructuring and reorganization initiatives; Employee/labor relations; Workplace accidents; Natural disasters and environmental crises.

Our trained crisis communications professionals are available 24/7 to help prepare executives and manage communications with impacted audiences and media. We leverage our constant online presence and social media expertise to mitigate negative online chatter and spread positive messages. We also work with clients to anticipate and prepare for potential crises — a practice we call “prefense” planning.


Our media and speaker training programs prepare clients to tackle a variety of situations — from interviews and press conferences to speeches and presentations.

We customize each session, focusing on message development, delivery techniques and, most importantly, control. Trainees are taught through theory and role-playing to control their messages and the conversation so they effectively achieve their goals.


LCWA’s research capabilities range from member and employee satisfaction and needs studies for associations, businesses and non-profits, to market and brand research, business-to-business and consumer surveys and public opinion polls. We know how to seek information that will shape effective marketing and communications, and we have the analytical, communications and marketing capabilities to understand how data should be used to help clients achieve their objectives.

To ensure that we get all of the information needed, we customize our research by client with programs that could include any mix of quantitative and qualitative tactics.

Quantitative. LCWA researchers conduct surveys online, by telephone and using printed questionnaires — whatever method best fits the situation and connects effectively with the audience to be surveyed. Our surveys collect straightforward facts about important issues, of course, but they also include questions that allow for advanced, less-direct statistical identification of key drivers and predictors of desired outcomes.

Qualitative. Focus groups, triads, in-depth interviews and soft soundings are qualitative tools that LCWA researchers use to explore issues, attitudes and perceptions and test copy, designs or ideas. Qualitative research often is a precursor to a quantitative survey or may be used as the primary data-collection method.

Our sophisticated analysis methods identify, prioritize and organize qualitative and quantitative results. And we produce readable, engaging reports that easily lead to fact-based actions by client teams.


Public relations is a visual medium.

It’s important to capture the imagination of media and consumers not only through words — but also through compelling images. Working closely with account teams and preferred vendors, our in-house graphic designer creates print and digital pieces that reflect a client’s brand identity and values — and help communicate key messaging to their target audiences. We have extensive experience designing and producing materials including — but not limited to — press kits, direct mail, tradeshow displays, Web sites, corporate newsletters and annual reports.